Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 16

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 16

  • Seeing as everyone hates him for no fair reason, the monster swears revenge on all people, particularly that jerk who created him only to live miserably, ugly, and alone.
  • Still, he can't help rescuing a little girl who slips into a stream and almost drowns. He's a hero, see?
  • But when the man accompanying the girl sees the rescue, he assumes the monster is attacking the girl and shoots him. Not the nicest way to say thank you.
  • The monster hides out in the woods, nursing his wounded shoulder. Things are not going so well for him.
  • In another occurrence of astounding coincidence, the monster makes it to Geneva and runs into William Frankenstein, Victor's younger brother.
  • Apparently shallowness runs in the family, because William reacts much the same way Victor did, calling the monster ugly and wretched.
  • Still, the monster is about to let the kid go when William threatens him by saying that his father is Alphonse Frankenstein.
  • Bad call. Realizing that William is related to his creator, the monster strangles him with his bare hands.

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  • The boy has a picture of his mother, Caroline. The monster takes it from William's dead hands and puts it in pocket of a girl sleeping near by.
  • Any guesses who that girl is?
  • Yep, it's Justine.
  • Then, the monster tracks down Victor and asks him to create a mate so he won't be alone.
  • We probably would have buttered up Victor differently than confessing to murdering his brother. Just a thought.