Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 17

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 17

  • Now that the monster's story is over, we're back in Victor's story. And he tells us (and Walton) that he refused the monster's request, obviously.
  • The monster's pretty smart though, and he changes tactics by saying that Victor owes him a mate. It is his duty as creator. (Think God, Adam, and Eve.) He says it will make him less evil because loneliness has made him such a grumpy jerk/murderer.
  • The monster promises to take his new mate to a South American jungle and hide away from people for the rest of their lives. Sounds fair, except we're wondering if the people already living in the South American jungle might have an opinion about that.
  • Ugh, fine, Victor says.
  • The monster is thrilled. Yay! He's going to have his own custom-made girlfriend!
  • Still, he doesn't exactly trust Victor-the-Deadbeat-Dad. He vows to follow Victor to check in on his progress, saying he'll know when the work is done, which is just a little creepy and ominous.