Study Guide

Frankenstein Chapter 6

By Mary Shelley

Chapter 6

  • Elizabeth is worried about Victor's illness, and she nags Victor to write home. We are reminded that Victor has at least one good thing going for him right now.
  • She also tells him about a girl named Justine who has come to live with their family (as a servant) in Geneva after her own mother's death.
  • Several months after the shock of seeing something ugly, Victor finally recovers.
  • Henry and Victor both start studying "Oriental" languages in school, and Victor tries to avoid all the science people. They think he is being modest, but he can't stand to look at them or talk to them because they remind him of the huge mistake he has made.
  • He decides to return to Geneva. Before he does, he and Henry go for a walk in nature and appreciate how beautiful it is.
  • Hmm! Nature is beautiful; there's something unnatural about the ugly creature

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