Study Guide

Frankenstein Lies and Deceit

By Mary Shelley

Lies and Deceit

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Deception in the form of secrecy is one of Victor’s fatal flaws. His inability to share his secret about the monster brings the destruction of those he loves. Further, this loss of family and friends causes Victor to lose his attachment to the world. Secrecy ultimately brings about his inability to save himself.

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. Would Justine’s situation have had a different outcome if Victor had been willing to give up his secrecy? If so, is Victor morally at fault for her death?
  2. A first person narrative has a way of concealing as it tells, and telling as it hides. What, if anything, is hidden by this first person narrative? What is revealed?
  3. Why does Elizabeth consent to marry Victor even though he is keeping a secret from her? Does she die because of his secret, or would she be fated to die, anyway?
  4. When Victor tries to tell a magistrate about the monster, no one believes him. Hmmm…What might this imply? Can Victor really be held responsible for keeping his secret if no one would believe him anyway?

Chew on This

Victor’s duplicitous nature is the cause of his downfall.