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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 21-22

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 21-22

The Loyal Order

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds is indeed a real thing. 
  • In fact, Frankie totally stumbled upon a Basset Hound meeting the year before without ever knowing it.
  • After having walked in on Porter screwing around with Bess (oh, young heartbreak), she wandered around campus at night and saw Matthew Livingston with a big group of boys.
  • While she watched from afar, he took off all his clothes and jumped into the pond butt naked. The rest of the boys followed.
  • Apparently, Frankie had stumbled upon the annual tradition of swearing in their new king by swimming in the pond naked. 
  • The king also happens to hang onto a china doggie. Hmm, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? 
  • Alpha was actually supposed to be the Basset King, but then he'd gone to New York, and a substitute had been found.
  • And guess who that was? 
  • Matthew, of course.

A Sea Horse

  • Matthew promises that he's going to take Frankie to see The Muppet Movie on Friday, just the two of them without any of the boys. 
  • Unfortunately the Geek Club Conglomerate party is the same night and Trish desperately wants Frankie to go. 
  • That evening, Frankie gets to dinner and realizes that she's too early. She usually joins Matthew and his friends at their senior table, but today they're not there yet. 
  • She knows she's not supposed to sit alone at the senior table—that's a major faux pas since she's just a sophomore. 
  • But she's also Frankie. So instead of going to sit at the sophomore table like she's supposed to, she goes ahead and sits at the senior table alone, even though it's really awkward. 
  • Finally, Matthew and friends arrive, and Elizabeth throws some shade about how Frankie's taking over the senior table. 
  • But Matthew, ever the gentleman, just says that he's always happy to see Frankie.
  • Alpha says something and Frankie realizes that they've been discussing, or arguing, about her. 
  • They get to talking about how men are like animals and Frankie disagrees with them about making assumptions based on gender.
  • Afterwards, Frankie asks Matthew if Alpha has something against her. 
  • He says that it's nothing, but Frankie gets the feeling that's not the case.

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