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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 43-44

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 43-44

A Perpetrator

  • When the guards go down into the tunnel, they find Alpha down there hiding. He's subsequently charged as the perpetrator of all the pranks that happened that year.
  • The Headmaster tries to grill him about the whole basset hound connection, but Alpha doesn't give anything up. Even his emails turn up nothing (because he'd deleted all of them). 
  • However, the guards do find the book The Disreputable History of the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds near him. 
  • The next day, Frankie has to go into the nurse's office to get a prescription for antibiotics. 
  • Matthew visits her at lunchtime and she tells him that he underestimates her.
  • He tells her that Alpha's been caught and that he was the one making all the pranks happen. But he doesn't tell her that he was in any way involved, or even that he knew about the pranks. 
  • She's horrified to hear that if Alpha gets expelled, he'll lose his place in his early-action admission to Harvard. 
  • He also tells her about how Porter turned over the emails that she had written because he thought they were from Alpha. 
  • That's when Frankie reveals everything. She tells him that she knew he was a part of the secret society all along, that she engineered all the pranks and wrote all the emails. 
  • Instead of being impressed, he's disgusted with her. He yells at her and tells her that she's psychotic. That's rich.
  • Then he runs off to go turn her in.

The Letter, Again

  • The Cities teacher turns in Frankie's essays as proof of her rebellious nature. 
  • Frankie is called to the office and has to write her confession (which we read at the very beginning of the book). 
  • When she talks to Zada on the phone, Zada tells her that their dad is going to go crazy. She's also worried about whether or not Frankie needs medication or a counselor. 
  • Frankie doesn't even know if she wants to go to Alabaster any more. 
  • She runs into Porter, who apologizes because he didn't know that she was the one sending all the emails the whole time. 
  • He reveals to her that he was a spy for Headmaster Richmond; he was supposed to check on Alpha and make sure he wasn't doing anything crazy. 
  • Frankie asks him why he hates Alpha so much, and he says that Alpha dated his sister and completely broke her heart and messed with her head. Well now that's interesting.
  • They part on fairly good terms.

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