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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 45-46

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 45-46

Some More Email

  • Frankie gets a more lenient sentence and both she and Alpha are kept on at school. 
  • Over winter break, no one knows how to treat Frankie because she's definitely surprised them all. 
  • She checks her email one day and finds that she has an email from Alpha. He's telling her that even though he thinks she's psycho, he admires what she did. 
  • Frankie is delighted but doesn't respond.
  • After all, she's still a strategist.

After the Fall, Spring

  • When Frankie gets back to school, she's kind of a celebrity.
  • She has to go to therapy, but she shuns all their ideas because she is happy with who she is. Other people just don't get it.
  • Trish is still her best friend and has her back no matter what. 
  • One day, Frankie is sitting on a bench when she sees Matthew pass by with his friends.
  • She gets really nostalgic and misses him all of a sudden.
  • When she calls out to him, she asks him if he'd like his Superman shirt back.
  • But Matthew is so disgusted and done with her that he says no; she can keep it. 
  • Frankie cries when he leaves, but then realizes that she has to pull herself together.
  • After all, she shouldn't be with someone who isn't going to accept her. Who needs him?

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