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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks Chapters 5-6

By E. Lockhart

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Chapters 5-6


  • Frankie, who is a Very Normal Girl, arrives at Alabaster wishin' and hopin' that Matthew Livingston, a hot senior boy that she has a crazy crush on, will notice her. 
  • Then the narrator provides us (the readers) with some handy dandy facts about Frankie's life at Alabaster, such as the fact that her roommate is named Trish and that the whole school has wireless networks and all the students have laptops. Fancy.
  • The most intriguing fact, though, seems to be that there are tunnels underneath the school. They're locked… but they're still there.

The Geek Club Conglomerate

  • Frankie also happens to be in the "Geek Club Conglomerate," which doesn't necessarily sound like the most promising club to gain social cache in. 
  • She went to the Geek Club party in her freshman year because she's a part of the Debate Club. 
  • At the party, Frankie met Porter Welsh who is a member of the Spy Club. They started going out. 
  • Frankie liked having a boyfriend and it was all pretty adorable to the extreme. They held hands and wrote each other sappy emails and stuff.
  • But then mid-May, Frankie walked in on Porter fooling around with a junior girl named Bess Montgomery. 
  • So they broke up and never spoke again. 
  • The end… or is it?

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