Study Guide

Freak the Mighty Allusions

By Rodman Philbrick

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Biblical References

Literary References

  • King Arthur (Freak references the legendary knight quite a bit)
  • Lady Guinevere (Freak gives his mom the nickname The Fair Gwen)
  • Excalibur (4.12)
  • Lancelot (9.8, 16.23)
  • The Holy Grail (12.48)
  • Sir Gawain (16.23)

Pop Culture References

  • Darth Vader (Freak dresses up as the evil Jedi when Max and he go on a quest)
  • Star Trek (4.24, 23.20)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (8.25)
  • The Waltons (21.13)

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