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Freak the Mighty Chapter 12

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 12

Killer Kane, Killer Kane, Had a Kid Who Got No Brain

  • As soon as they're outside, Max runs them home as fast as he can.
  • They talk about the adventure, but neither of them mentions Killer Kane. Which is fine with Max, for sure.
  • After the exciting adventure to the New Tenements, summer comes to an end and it's time for school. Boo.
  • It all starts with the required embarrassing shopping trip to the mall with Gram, complete with comments about how big Max is from all the store clerks. Fun, right?
  • When school starts, Max is placed in all of Freak's classes, even though they're accelerated classes and Max barely passed his classes the year before. Apparently everyone thinks it will be good for the two of them.
  • In their first class, the teacher asks Max to say something about his summer. He doesn't move. Talking in front of class is not something he is going to do.
  • When one of the kids says, "Forget it, Mrs. Donelli, his brain is in his tail" (12.33), chaos breaks out in class. The kids just start shouting at him and calling him names.
  • The teacher has completely lost control of the classroom, and only one man can save them… Freak to the rescue!
  • He climbs up on one of the desks and shouts: "Order in the court!" It works.
  • When Mrs. Donelli asks if he is Kevin, he tells her, "Sometimes I am" (12.42). But sometimes he is more than Kevin. He climbs on Max's shoulders and yells that sometimes they are Freak the Mighty.
  • All the kids in class start chanting Freak the Mighty. Freak the Mighty!
  • Long story short… Max and Freak end up in the principal's office.
  • Oops.
  • But Freak sweet talks the principal and they end up staying out of trouble. After all, they are Freak the Mighty.

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