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Freak the Mighty Chapter 16

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 16

A Chip Off the Old Block

  • We're sure you clever Shmoopers have guessed by now, but the strong hand belongs to Max's dad, Killer Kane.
  • He tells Max he's here to take him away from the old geezers who stuck Max in the basement. That everything is going to change now.
  • While Killer Kane is explaining that he never killed anyone and it's all just a big lie, Max starts getting dressed.
  • The weird thing is that Max isn't surprised. He always knew this would happen eventually.
  • Together, they sneak out of the house and Killer Kane takes them to Iggy and Loretta's.
  • On the way, he keeps saying that it's a crime that they've been deprived of so many years together, and how horrible all these people are.
  • Max is just thinking of knights and quests and how no one can beat Killer Kaneā€”not even Lancelot himself.
  • At Iggy's, it's clear that Iggy is really nervous and Loretta is a little drunk. They're both scared of Max's dad, who despite his claims of innocence, is acting like a big jerk.

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