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Freak the Mighty Chapter 17

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 17

By All That's Holy

  • Iggy takes Max and his dad to an empty house. The woman who lives there is gone for the holidays, so Kane decides he and Max can lay low there for a while.
  • While Kane is looking around, Iggy takes off, and Max is left alone with his dad.
  • Killer Kane sits Max down and tells him they need to get a few things straight. First, no more acting dumb, because "no kin of mine is a retard" (17.18). This guy is a class act all the way.
  • Then, just to prove what a jerk he is, he ties up Max so he can't escape while he is sleeping.
  • Max tries to get some sleep, but yeah, good luck doing that while sitting up with your hands and feet bound up.
  • Then Kane wakes him up because he wants to have another man-to-man chat.
  • He asks if Max got any of the presents or letters he's been sending him over the years. Max tells him no, and Kane says it's because those old geezers hate him. Do you really think this guy remembered to send letters and presents?
  • We're a bit skeptical, too.
  • He tells Max it's because of his huge appearance that people are scared of him and judge him. Did we mention how big this guy is? Cause he's huge.
  • As he's telling Max his sad tale, Kane starts crying and saying how cruel people can be.
  • Max sees the tears, but thinks to himself that "there's no crying in his voice" (17.40). This kid is certainly more observant than people give him credit for.
  • Kane pulls out a Bible and swears that he didn't murder Max's mom; he was framed.
  • Then he lies down and falls back to sleep, leaving Max alone in the dark.

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