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Freak the Mighty Chapter 19

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 19

Into the Black Down Under

  • Max and Kane have to leave the old lady's house and move to a burned-out old building nearby. Not super comfy.
  • They head into the basement, while Iggy finds Kane some transportation and a firearm.
  • Kane ties Max back up and shoves a piece of cloth in his mouth so he can't shout. Things are certainly starting to escalate.
  • Max is sitting there alone in the dark when he hears a noise on the steps. It's Loretta again, but this time there's no pizza.
  • She says it isn't right for a man to tie up his own kid, and she starts to untie the knots. She tells Max that Iggy is trying to keep him busy so she can get Max out of there.
  • She finally gets him free when she starts making a weird noise.
  • Max sees his father's hands around her throat, and "he's squeezing her dead" (19.41). 
  • Whoa.

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