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Freak the Mighty Chapter 20

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 20

Freak the Mighty Strikes Again

  • Max tries to stop Killer Kane, but the man is a beast and nothing can stop him. So he starts pleading: "Stop! I see you! Daddy, please please stop, you're killing her!" (20.2).
  • Killer Kane just pushes him away.
  • Max throws himself between the two of them and starts screaming about how he saw Kane kill his mom.
  • He saw the whole thing. He knows he did it.
  • Max starts seeing the whole thing all over again. He is four years old and Kane is strangling his mother while Max is banging his little fists trying to make him stop.
  • Finally, Kane understands what Max is saying and drops Loretta.
  • Max just looks at him and repeats: "I saw you kill my mother" (20.10).
  • Kane starts moving toward him, telling him it's just the poison his grandparents put in his brain. They brainwashed him.
  • Max continues yelling, telling him what he was wearing and replaying the events detail by detail. He says he's glad they put him away.
  • Killer Kane grabs Max by the neck and starts squeezing. Max starts to black out when he hears a voice shout: "Put your hands up, villain!" (20.23).
  • Think it's the police? Think again. It's Freak to the rescue.
  • How is Freak, a tiny little child, going to defeat the evil giant that is Killer Kane? With his brain, that's how.
  • Freak has a squirt gun filled with sulfuric acid. And he tells Kane if he doesn't let Max and Loretta go, he will squirt him in the face.
  • Kane makes a move, and Freak fires directly into his eyes.
  • Max runs for Freak and starts heading up the stairs. The steps are breaking under Max's weight, but he keeps going up. Kane grabs Max's leg but he kicks free and they're finally out in daylight surrounded by police.
  • Freak starts laughing to himself about vinegar and curry powder, while the cops load Killer Kane into a police car.
  • It turns out Loretta is okay too—just bruised.

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