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Freak the Mighty Chapter 21

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 21

The Accident of Nature

  • Everyone heads over to the police station since there's still a big mess to clean up.
  • Max has to tell the story over and over and over again. Blah.
  • When he gets home, Gram won't let him stay in the basement anymore, so he sleeps upstairs.
  • Even though he saved the day, Freak gets in trouble. Gwen tells him he's supposed to be extra careful.
  • Freak now goes to the doctor every few months, and Max thinks he shouldn't have to go to school when Freak is in the hospital—after all, they're a team. Gram doesn't buy it.
  • When they get back to school after Christmas break, everyone treats them differently because they got their picture in the paper.
  • Killer Kane ends up pleading guilty and has to serve out the rest of his sentence plus 10 years.
  • Max still can't find peace about it. Grim tells him that Kane was an accident of nature, and that Max is nothing like him. He may have gotten his dad's looks but he has his mother's heart. Awww.

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