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Freak the Mighty Chapter 25

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 25

What Loretta Said

  • After Freak's death, Max hides in the basement, missing the funeral. His grandparents try to help him through it, but he just wants to mope by himself.
  • Then it's time for school to start again, and Max really doesn't want to go. But Grim won't have any of it; he says he is going, even if he has to drag him there.
  • Max hates every minute of school because everyone just looks so sorry for him. Even Tony D tries to be sympathetic.
  • But not to worry. Max yells back at him, and they go back to being enemies.
  • One day, Max runs into Loretta. She tells him that Gwen is out in California and has a new boyfriend.
  • She asks Max what he's doing these days, and he tells her exactly what you'd expect: nothing. She tells him, "Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it" (25.16).
  • And the funny thing is, he does. Nothing his grandparents said could get through to him, but somehow Loretta Lee does.
  • So Max goes home and pulls out the empty book Freak gave him. He starts writing down the truth of his adventures with Freak.
  • And that's where we are: at the end of his writing.
  • And now that Max has written a book, he figures he might read a few, too.

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