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Freak the Mighty Chapter 9

By Rodman Philbrick

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Chapter 9

Life is Dangerous

  • Max and Freak have gotten into the habit of having Freak ride on Max's shoulders. Freak particularly likes it because he can mess with Max.
  • Freak decides it's time for an adventure. Translation: Freak will tell Max where to go, and Max will dutifully go along with it.
  • The two boys walk for miles until finally they end up at a medical research building.
  • Freak tells Max they do medical experiments in there. In fact, there's an experimental bionics unit that's developing a bionic robot for human modification.
  • Max has no clue what this means.
  • Freak explains that he's going to be the first bionically improved human being.
  • Still no clue.
  • Freak tells him he's going to become a human robot.
  • Aha. Now Max gets it.
  • Freak makes Max swear by blood that he will never tell anyone about this. It's top secret.
  • Max asks if it will hurt to become a robot or if it's dangerous. But Freak just tells him, "Life is Dangerous" (9.50).

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