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Freak the Mighty Family

By Rodman Philbrick

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Everyone thinks their family is messed up—and most people are right!—but it's one thing to have embarrassing dinner conversations and another to have Killer Kane for a dad. In Freak the Mighty, we have a boatload of sweet moms, but some majorly absent (slash murderous) fathers. Family is supposed to be a place of safety and security, right? Well, for Max, it's the opposite. That's probably why, despite the fact that his grandparents love him like whoa, he won't really give them a chance.

Questions About Family

  1. What does family mean to Kenny Kane? What does it mean to Grim and Gram? Is Max able to differentiate between the two?
  2. How would Max's life have been different if he had an older sibling? A younger sibling?
  3. Would Freak's story be any different if he had a father figure in the picture?

Chew on This

Max should give his grandparents more of a chance. It's not their fault their son-in-law is a murderer, and they're just trying to help.

Throughout the novel, Freak becomes almost like a father figure to Max.

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