Study Guide

Fuse Time

By Julianna Baggott


Chapter 2

But hour after hour, minute after minute, footstep overhead after footstep […] the boredom becomes blinding. (2.3)

Ever felt like time is just dragging along? That's how Partridge feels when he's staying with the mothers. Each day feels like an eternity; that's torture in itself.

Chapter 11

The rest of his life and Helmud's too, meted out in hours, minutes, seconds. (11.46)

At this point, El Capitan is given only a few hours to live. But he never tells anyone that he's about to die… which pretty much sets him up as a hero.

Chapter 14

He wants to hold this moment—the Christmas lights blinking overhead, Mother Hestra telling Syden a story about a fox, and Lyda bent over her work. (14.2)

In contrast to the days dragging on with the mothers, Partridge wishes he could freeze time when he's making maps with Lyda.

Chapter 20

Time was only of the essence during the Before, when they could still hope to stop Willux. (20.50)

Time is always of the essence when you're trying to stop an evil mastermind. If you lose your sense of urgency, you falter and become weak.

Chapter 32

"Suspended time is, by definition, time not spent. It exists alongside time as we know it. So it can't be wasted, can it?" (32.50)

Is the time spent in a cryogenic chamber lost? Or is it suspended?

Chapter 53

"Preservation," Iralene says. "There's nothing better for your longevity." (53.12)

Iralene and Mimi are such unfortunate characters because of what Ellery has them do. Preservation, though good for longevity, has become their sole goal in life. But what's the point of living for a long time if you're not actually living?

Chapter 56

Is Weed telling him he'll have one week to dredge up the memories? Just a week or so? (56.46)

Being crunched for time can be a good thing sometimes, but here it's not so great. Partridge is faced with the task of regaining his memory in only one week.

Chapter 70

"I've been your age longer than you, that's all. And I'll be your age for as long as I can." (70.57)

Being young is great and all, but staying young forever has its consequences. Just look at Iralene.

Chapter 76

"He wants to live forever. He wants his brain to continue on. His body won't let this happen. But yours…" (76.20)

Woah, this makes time suspension even more problematic. Imagine if people tried to defy time by taking other peoples' bodies. Now that's messed up.