Study Guide

Fuse Time

By Julianna Baggott


Being short on time is one of the worst things to happen in the real world… and one of the best things to happen in the fictional world. In Fuse, there's an evil dude who rules the earth, and he almost has the technology to live forever too. It's up for Our Heroes to stop him before it's too late.

And thank goodness, right? Because of this tremendous time crunch, these characters don't stagnate. They need to keep moving. They're under the wire… and while it's stressful for them, it's exciting for us.

Questions About Time

  1. Do the different time frames for the characters confuse you?
  2. Pressia and her friends are constantly racing against the clock — is this a blessing in disguise?
  3. Partridge often wants to freeze time when he's with Lyda. Does this wishful thinking create an obstacle for him?

Chew on This

Without the pressure of time, Pressia and the gang would still be kicking it at the OSR Headquarters.

Mimi and Iralene's view of "suspended time" is parallels how the inside of the Dome operates.