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A Game of Thrones Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Sansa 1

  • This is the first chapter from Sansa's POV, so be prepared for lots of romantic stories about knights rescuing maidens.
  • Still on the road, traveling south, Sansa meets some more members of the king's household, including captain of the Kingsguard, Ser Barristan Selmy, King Robert's cuter brother, Renly, and the executioner, Ser Ilyn Payne (who lost his tongue to the previous king, mad King Aerys Targaryen). Got that all straight? Okay, neither do we.
  • Prince Joffrey goes riding with Sansa and they find Arya play-fighting with sticks with the butcher's apprentice, Mycah. This would be harmless fun, but Joffrey decides to be cruel, which starts a chain of events: Joffrey threatens Mycah (with his very dangerous sword), Arya hits Joffrey with a stick, Joffrey goes to hurt or kill Arya, and Arya's wolf hurts Joffrey. Arya and Nymeria run away, and Sansa goes to get help after Joffrey yells at her. Pretty dramatic ending for play time.

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