Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 21

By George R. R. Martin

Chapter 21

Eddard 4

  • Finally, Eddard arrives at King's Landing. (The trip has been no fun, with Sansa and Arya blaming each other for what happened to Lady and Mycah.)
  • But he can't rest because there's work to be done: Eddard has to attend a meeting of the small council (the advisors to the king, called "small" because it's a very select group). The small council is Robert (who never attends); his brothers Stannis (who left for his home castle, Dragonstone) and Renly; Barristan Selmy (who isn't there right now); Petyr Baelish, master of coin; Varys, spymaster; and Grand Maestar Pycelle, who is the master of being old.
  • Eddard is upset because (a) Robert wants to hold a tournament to celebrate the new Hand of the King; and (b) the throne owes a lot of money to people, including Tywin Lannister.
  • After the meeting, Petyr takes Eddard to meet Catelyn, where they discuss the weather and their favorite sports teams. Oh wait, no: they discuss the assassination attempts on their son.
  • Petyr advises caution: they can't just go accuse the queen of murder. So Eddard tells Catelyn to go home and tell people to prepare their defenses. Just in case, you know, war happens.