Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 25

By George R. R. Martin

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Chapter 25

Bran 4

  • Bran is bored and angry: he's stuck in bed (and will be for a while, since he's permanently crippled) and he doesn't even have an old Super Nintendo. Robb is too busy being lordly. All Bran has is Old Nan to tell him stories.
  • So Old Nan tells him a scary story about the Others, monsters from the north.
  • Along with Yoren, Tyrion comes to see the Starks; and though Robb is rude (and nearly threatens violence), Tyrion offers Bran a design for a saddle that can hold a cripple. His reason: "I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things" (59).
  • Robb is ashamed of how he acted; and after Yoren tells Robb that his uncle Benjen is missing, Robb cries in Bran's room. Whoa – who's supposed to be comforting whom here?

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