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A Game of Thrones Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Eddard 5

  • Eddard talks with Pycelle about Jon Arryn's death. Apparently Jon asked for a book one day and then died soon after; his last words were "the seed is strong." What does that mean?
  • Pycelle doesn't think it was poisoning and warns Eddard not to trust the eunuch,Varys.
  • Eddard talks to Arya about how Bran can never be a knight because he's crippled, but might be a great councillor or builder; while Arya, because she's a girl, can't be anything. (See our discussion of "Gender" and/or get mad.)
  • Eddard talks – boy, he does that a lot – to Petyr who has found four people from the Arryn household who are still in the city, including Jon Arryn's squire who is now a knight (Ser Hugh). Petyr also notes that Eddard shouldn't trust anyone, not even Petyr himself.

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