Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 30

By George R. R. Martin

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Chapter 30

Sansa 2

  • This chapter is the first day of the Hand's Tournament in King's Landing, and since we see it through Sansa's POV, we're going to focus on all the pageantry and romance of the tournament.
  • There are too many characters in this chapter to mention, but you can check them out in our "Character Analysis."
  • Of particular interest, Sandor's giant brother Gregor (called "the mountain that rides") "accidentally" kills a young knight. (Who was that knight? Read on to the next chapter.)
  • And the beautiful young knight Loras Tyrell gives Sansa a red rose. This is what people did before Facebook invented poking.
  • At the feast, Robert (drunk) yells at Cersei (evil) that he will fight in the melee at tomorrow's tournament.
  • Later, after the feast, Sandor escorts Sansa back home and tells her how Gregor burned his face because he played with one of Gregor's toys. Ah, family.

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