Chapter 38

Bran 5

  • Bran, Robb, Theon, and some guards go off on a ride: Bran's first ride with his special saddle.
  • Bran gets separated from the pack and suddenly four outlaws from the north come to attack him: the two men (Stiv and Wallen) are dressed in black, so they're probably deserters from the Night's Watch (and deserters get executed, as we know from chapter two); but the women (Hali and Osha) are wildlings, the people who live north of the Wall. Of course, that difference doesn't really matter when they're trying to take Bran hostage.
  • But Robb and the wolves and Theon save Bran (although Theon does take a chancy shot with his bow and arrow). Robb decides to take the surviving woman back to Winterfell for questioning, and this is how the Starks get a new servant out of Osha.

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