Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 67

By George R. R. Martin

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Chapter 67

Bran 7

  • Uh oh: Bran is having crow dreams again. In this dream, he goes down to the crypt and sees his father, Eddard.
  • Maester Luwin and Osha go down with Bran to show him that there's no one in the crypt. Luwin tests Bran on how much he knows about the Stark family as they pass each tomb (marked with a statue of the dead).
  • So we get to hear more about the Starks, including Eddard's father, brother, and sister, all killed by the Targaryens in one way or another.
  • Down at the place where Eddard will be buried, they find… Rickon and his wolf, Shaggydog. Apparently, Rickon had the same dream, so he came down to see his dad. Bran convinces little Rickon to come with them (and to have his wolf stop biting Luwin).
  • Back at Luwin's tower, they discuss the history of Westeros, including the children of the forest, the First Men, and then the Andals (see "Setting" for more on that).
  • But Luwin is interrupted by a messenger raven telling of Eddard's execution.

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