Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 68

By George R. R. Martin

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Chapter 68

Sansa 6

  • Back at King's Landing, Joffrey wants Sansa to stop crying, so Joffrey has Meryn Trant beat her until she follows his orders.
  • In court, Joffrey is cruel to everyone; for instance, when two people come to him over a land dispute, he has them fight to the death. (He's been watching too much Judge Judy.)
  • After holding court, Joffrey takes Sansa up to the wall to see the decapitated head of her father and teacher. By the way, she's totally over him now.
  • Surprisingly, Sandor Clegane is gentle here. So the non-knight Sandor seems nicer than the knight Meryn Trant.

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