Study Guide

A Game of Thrones Chapter 71

By George R. R. Martin

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Chapter 71

Jon 9

  • After his father's execution, Jon decides that he needs to be fighting with the Starks. (Even if Jeor Mormont gave Jon the Mormont family sword, Jon Snow is still a Stark.) So he runs away (gallops away on horseback, actually) at night, even though Sam tries to stop him.
  • But Jon is brought back to Castle Black by his other friends: Grenn, Halder, Pyp, Matthar, and Todder.
  • The next morning, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow talk about what happened last night:
  • "Honor set you on the kingsroad... and honor brought you back."
  • "My friends brought me back," Jon said.
  • "Did I say it was your honor?" (94-96).
  • Aw, snap.
  • Mormont needs Jon to promise not to run: they are mounting a giant expedition beyond the Wall to find out why everything is going wrong. So Jon promises.

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