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A Game of Thrones Family

By George R. R. Martin

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Family is the basic unit for a lot of political decisions in A Game of Thrones. If two men are fighting, it's rarely just an issue between two individuals: it's a clash between two major houses and families. But this doesn't mean that all families are totally in agreement. In-family fights range from sibling bickering to, you know, Gregor Clegane trying to cut his brother's head off. Here's the thing about family in this world: if yours decides not to accept you (because you're say, a dwarf, or not the first-born son), you might just get kicked out of the fam. It's not all family fun time, that's for sure.

Questions About Family

  1. Is there an ideal family in this book? Or a nightmare family? How does Martin treat different types of families? Do we get POVs from every angle?
  2. Do families have any character traits? For instance, the Lannisters seem villainous, but what about Tyrion? Does he stick out even more because he's from a generally evil family?
  3. How do characters benefit from their families? Are families a source of power? Are they a source of principles and responsibilities? Or is it sometimes just all about the Benjamins?
  4. What's the difference between a biological family (say, the Starks) and a chosen family (say, the Night's Watch)? What ways are there to get into a family? For instance, Catelyn marries a Stark, but is she really a Stark?

Chew on This

In A Game of Thrones, family interests always eclipse the desires and actions of individuals. Good luck trying to do anything your family isn't cool with.

Families have personalities in A Game of Thrones: they are almost characters themselves, with their own character traits.

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