Study Guide

Gilead Letter 1, Section 12

By Marilynne Robinson

Letter 1, Section 12

  • An elderly woman, recently moved to a new house, calls upon Ames to fix her sink.
  • Ames obliges, switching her faucet handles so that they correspond to the indicated temperature.
  • Ames's wife finds the episode amusing.
  • Ames has finished the novel his wife likes. He goes to the church to watch the dawn.
  • Ames dwells on the nature and joys of parenting and its portrayal in the Scriptures.
  • Over the years, Ames helped a lot of people out financially. He informs his son that any help he receives is more repayment than charity.
  • Ames continues to reflect on Scripture—the meaning of the Fifth Commandment especially.

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