Study Guide

Gilead Letter 1, Section 8

By Marilynne Robinson

Letter 1, Section 8

  • Ames strolls over to Boughton's place and discusses baseball, the election, and the children.
  • Ames's wife, not sure where he is, worries. She's been reading a novel about a young girl who falls for an older man.
  • Ames gets the book from the library and reads it.
  • Jack comes by to see if Ames's son wants to play catch.
  • Jack can't stay for supper.
  • Ames's wife and son are disappointed.
  • In the evening, Ames appreciates the light of the moon in the light of the day.
  • Jack stops by again, talking baseball and politics.
  • Ames observes the man's preacher-y manner.
  • Jack remarks on Ames's absence from his father's house.
  • It's true: Ames has avoided going over there. He doesn't like Jack.
  • Before Ames married, women from the church would stop by to bring him dinner. This continued after he married, upsetting his wife. She couldn't cook very well.
  • In those days, Boughton would come over, and they'd talk about his son, John Ames.
  • Now Jack hangs with Ames and his wife and son. Ames plans to talk to his wife about him.

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