Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 10

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 10

Monday, March 14 – Sunday, March 20

  • After shopping, Salander stops in to a café. Nils Bjurman is in there with the blond giant.
  • She waits till the blond giant comes out, and she follows him to a meeting with a ponytailed man. She follows the ponytailed man to a meeting with a man wearing a Svavelsjö MC jacket.
  • Salander is worried. In the early morning, she drives out to Bjurman's. He's asleep. She snoops and finds a gun that wasn't there before.
  • She researches and identifies the ponytailed man as Carl-Magnus Lundin and the man he met as Sonny Nieminen. Both have long police records.
  • She finds lots of people named Zala on the Internet, but none are the one she wants. Her search for "Zalachenko" (10.85) is also fruitless.
  • She hacks into the computers at Millennium and finds the one Dag was working on. She finds a folder labeled "Zala."
  • The blond giant is irritated he has to deal with Salander. He doesn't trust Bjurman either.
  • The Zala folder details what Dag and Mia know about Zala, which isn't much. Salander knows she must locate Zala and settle their business together, finally.
  • After a party, Blomkvist walks past Salander's old apartment. And there she is! He's about to call out to her, when he sees a ponytailed man (Lundin) coming up behind her.
  • Salander hears Lundin come up, and she slashes him in the face with her keys and runs.
  • Lundin follows. Salander throws rocks at him. Blomkvist yells. Salander sees Blomkvist, then keeps running. Blomkvist reaches Lundin and Lundin smacks him, making Blomkvist fall.
  • Salander finally loses Lundin. Blomkvist finds Salander's keys and her purse. He tries her key in the lock of her old apartment, and it doesn't fit. Salander watches him but he doesn't see her.
  • She puts it together. Bjurman has hired people to kill her. She'll make him pay.