Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 14

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 14

Maundy Thursday, March 24

  • Modig finds Bjurman shot to dead in his apartment around 4 pm. She calls Ekström.
  • Andersson and Faste wait on the street outside Salander's (old) apartment building. Bublanski calls and tells them that Bjurman is dead, and that Salander is the prime suspect in his murder as well as Dag and Mia's.
  • Bublanski is at Millennium, interviewing Blomkvist about Salander. Blomkvist tells Bublanski she's the best researcher he's ever known.
  • From Bublanski, Blomkvist learns, with surprise, that Salander is under guardianship, that she's considered mentally unstable, and that she was in a psychiatric hospital as a teen.
  • He learns Salander is being charged with the murders of Dag, Mia, and Bjurman.
  • Bublanski, Andersson, and Faste break into Salander's (old) apartment. They soon discover that everything in the apartment belongs to one Miriam Wu.
  • The erotic clothing, with labels from Domino Fashion, is way too big for Salander. There's no sign that Salander lives here.