Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 18

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 18

Tuesday, March 29 – Wednesday, March 30

  • Niklas Hedström is excited about working on Salander's investigation. He has a grudge against her because she found out that he sold naked pictures of a celebrity client of Milton Security to the tabloids. She threatened to tell Armansky if Hedström continued the bad behavior.
  • Now, it's Hedström's chance to get back at her.
  • Hedström and Bohman attend a briefing with Bublanski and his team of investigators:
  • Jerker Holmberg reports that Salander's fingerprints are on a piece of broken coffee cup in Dag and Mia's apartment, on the murder weapon, and on the gun's box in Bjurman's apartment.
  • Salander was seen buying a pack of cigarettes near Dag and Mia's on the night in question.
  • Miriam Wu is identified as a lesbian who works at an erotic clothing store, Domino Fashion.
  • Since Salander's fingerprints have been found at Wu's, they believe Wu and Salander are lovers. Salander is friends with the old band Evil Fingers. Faste calls them "hard-rocking lesbian Satanists" (18.85).
  • Modig believes that Bjurman's tattoo, coupled with the violent porn found on his computer, suggests he may have victimized Salander, and that she might have killed him out of revenge.
  • Faste believes Salander and Wu are involved in the sex trade and had Bjurman as a client.
  • On Wednesday, Blomkvist is excited to learn that Salander has been inside his computer, and has left him a message. The message is one word long: "Zala" (18.182).
  • He writes her back quickly, asking her to please explain. She replies "You're the journalist. Find out" (18.192). He writes her back with more questions, but she doesn't respond.