Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 19

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 19

Wednesday, March 30 – Friday, April 1

  • On Wednesday, Blomkvist reads Dag's file on Zala. He isn't sure Zala even exists.
  • He borrows Berger's car so he can interview "the johns and pimps" (19.12) Dag's book and article expose. On Thursday, a phone rings on the desk Dag was using.
  • Blomkvist rushes over and answers it. It's Gunnar Björck calling to claim the cell phone he's won. (See Chapter 9.)
  • Blomkvist says all Björck has to do to claim the phone is to participate in a market research interview. Björck agrees and gives Blomkvist his address. Blomkvist is very excited.
  • The Swedish boxer Paolo Roberto (a real person) arrives at Sweden's Stockholm airport. He sees the news reports claiming Salander is a psycho killer.
  • That night, there's a message from Salander on Blomkvist's computer: "Prosecutor E. is leaking information to the media. Ask him why he didn't leak the old police report" (19.75).
  • Blomkvist has no idea what this means. He writes her a note telling her he believes in her innocence. He says her wants her to trust him as a friend. She writes back saying she might.
  • On Friday, Faste learns from a neighbor that Miriam Wu has returned, and he brings Wu down to the station. She's been in Paris visiting her parents. She's shocked by the Salander headlines.
  • Wu doesn't know about Salander's past, or even her job at Milton Security.
  • Meanwhile, Blomkvist is interviewing Björck from Säpo (the Security Police). Björck didn't know he was about to be exposed, so he probably isn't involved in the murders.
  • He does know Bjurman, but hasn't seen him in a long time.
  • Björck freaks out when Blomkvist asks him about Zala. He says that he'll tell Blomkvist what he knows about Zala if Blomkvist promises not to publish Björck's involvement in the sex trade.