Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 23

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 23

Sunday, April 3 – Monday, April 4

  • Paolo asks Blomkvist what he can do to help. Blomkvist asks him to try to get in touch with Miriam Wu. She thinks Blomkvist is another evil reporter and won't talk to him at all.
  • Björck is stressing. Can he stop Blomkvist from revealing he has sex with young prostitutes?
  • Björck is the only person aware that Bjurman and Dag Svensson were both looking for Zalachenko, but he doesn't know how this lead to their deaths. Should he contact Zalachenko?
  • On Sunday, Salander looks inside Blomkvist's computer. She sees that Blomkvist thinks Björck and Zala are connected. She knows Björck and Bjurman are somehow connected.
  • She leaves Blomkvist a message telling him so. She tells him to find the 1991 police report.
  • She tells him she didn't kill Dag and Mia. Blomkvist wonders if she did kill Bjurman.
  • On Monday, disguised as Irene Nesser, Salander buys rope and electrical tape.
  • Then she scopes out the apartment of Sändstrom's (the journalist's Dag was planning to expose).
  • Modig wonders if Salander killed Bjurman, and somebody else killed Dag and Mia.
  • Faste tells Modig that Dag's cell phone records reveal that Dag called Bjurman the night he was killed, half an hour before Salander was seen buying cigarettes in Dag's neighborhood.
  • Blomkvist has the idea that since Björck is part of the Security Police he might know about the missing police report Salander wants him to find.