Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 24

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 24

Monday, April 4 – Tuesday, April 5

  • Sändstrom has been living in a state of terror since Dag's death. First he was happy about Dag's death; now maybe his involvement in the sex trade won't be made public.
  • Then he realizes the police will read about him in Dag's papers, and maybe think he's the killer.
  • When he comes home around midnight, Salander comes up behind him and tasers him in the back.
  • He wakes up in his living room, tied up, with tape on his mouth. Salander threatens to taser him, and choke him to death if he doesn't tell him what he knows about Zala.
  • She learns that after Dag confronted Sändstrom, Sändstrom called the Ranta brothers, men involved with Zala, and told them about Dag. She leaves, taking his gun with her.
  • Paolo Roberto continues staking out Miriam Wu's apartment.