Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 25

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 25

Tuesday, April 5 – Wednesday, April 6

  • Paolo Roberto sees Miriam walking toward her house just after eleven at night.
  • As he's about to get out of his car, a van pulls up next to her. The blond giant gets out and puts his hands on her. She kicks him, but it has no effect. He smacks her and tosses her into the van.
  • Paolo Roberto follows in his car. His phone is almost out of charge.
  • Blomkvist calls him, but Paolo's phone dies. He follows the van deep into the country.
  • Meanwhile, Eriksson calls Blomkvist and tells him she's learned that Bjurman and Björck worked together in the Security Police. Bjurman dealt with immigration.
  • Paolo finds the van parked near a warehouse with several cars parked outside.
  • He watches as the blond giant takes Miriam out of the van and into the warehouse.
  • A ponytailed man drives the van away. Soon, Paolo hears Miriam scream.
  • Inside, the blond giant has a chainsaw and threatens to cut Miriam up if she doesn't tell him where Salander is. Paolo breaks in and starts attacking the giant. The giant is unfazed.
  • He recognizes that Paolo is a famous boxer. Then he delivers a savage blow. Paolo has never felt a blow like that. They box, but Paolo's blows have no impact on the giant.
  • Paolo believes he can't win this fight. The giant will kill him. Luckily, Miriam kicks the giant in the crotch from behind. This actually seems to cause him some pain. But, the giant recovers.
  • Paolo knocks him in the head with a wooden plank, and the giant falls. Paolo and Miriam run, but the giant is after them again. Paolo and Miriam make it to Paolo's car and drive away.
  • The blond giant has never been beaten in a fight before. He touches his nose and can tell it's broken. He didn't feel the punches, but the kick to the groin actually hurt.
  • He wants to leave, but he knows he has to clean up the warehouse.
  • Blomkvist goes to the hospital to meet Paolo. Miriam is asleep in a hospital bed. Paolo tells Blomkvist about the blond giant.