Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 29

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 29

Wednesday, April 6 – Thursday, April 7

  • Salander is feeling extreme guilt over Mimmi. Mimmi is in the hospital because Salander gave her the apartment, while Salander is safe and sound. She decides to visit Mimmi in the hospital. But, she sees a police car and hurries back to her apartment. She cries in her bed, cold and alone.
  • In the early morning, she wakes up checks out Blomkvist's computer. There's a message for her.
  • He's found out about Zala and about All The Evil. He wants to help her.
  • Salander writes him a note, thanking him for being her friend.
  • She messes with Armansky's surveillance system and borrows a car from Milton Security.
  • She's armed with mace, her taser, two guns, and her Palm Tungsten PDA.
  • Blomkvist finds Salander's message and feels frightened for her. He does some fancy detective work and finds out about her new apartment. He still has her keys.
  • Salander does some detective work of her own and discovers the identity of the blond giant. His name is Ronald Niedermann. His only address is a post office box. She drives to the post office box.