Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 31

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 31

Thursday, April 7

  • Salander hides in the barn near the farmhouse, watching the house. It's dark now. She decides to go in. The door is unlocked and nobody's inside. Soon Niedermann appears and grabs her.
  • She tasers him, but he seems to feel nothing. He smacks her to the ground.
  • Then she sees Zala. Zala says he and Niedermann have been watching her all day. Infrared cameras are positioned around the place. She also set off all their motion detectors.
  • Zala says nasty things to her. He plans to kill her.
  • Zala reveals that Niedermann is Salander's half-brother (!) and a partner in Zala's sex trafficking, arms dealing, drug selling businesses, which Dag and Mia were too close to finding out about.
  • Salander feels bad. She gave Dag Bjurman's name in hopes he could find out how Bjurman was connected to Zala. If she hadn't done that, Dag and Mia might not have been killed.
  • Zala and Niedermann lead Salander to a tiny, freshly dug grave.
  • Salander throws dirt in Niedermann's eyes, and grabs the shovel, which she uses to knock the gun from his hand.
  • She runs.
  • Zala shoots Salander, once in the hip, once in the shoulder blade, and once in the head.
  • Glad to be rid of her for good, Zala pushes Salander's body into the grave and tells Niedermann to bury her.