Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 5

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 5

Wednesday, January 12 – Friday, January 14

  • Salander's been visiting her late mother, Agneta Sofia Salander, here at Äpelviken nursing home for the past ten years. For the past fourteen years, Agneta has had strokes regularly.
  • She's unable to look after herself and sometimes unable to recognize Salander.
  • Salander always hoped her mother would somehow recover, so they could have a relationship.
  • Salander doesn't like her twin sister, Camilla, who is her complete opposite.
  • After All The Evil, Camilla was sent to a foster home; Salander wasn't sent to the same one.
  • Salander doesn't know where Camilla is now, and doesn't want to know.
  • Their last reunion was for their seventeenth birthday, and they beat each other up.
  • After picking up her mother's box, she goes back to Stockholm and shops for clothes.
  • Blomkvist and Berger are at Dag Svensson and his girlfriend Mia Johansson's house for dinner.
  • Mia explains that Dag's book and article look at the finances of sex trafficking; her doctoral dissertation deals with the treatment of the girls by the legal system in Sweden.
  • On Friday, Salander realizes that she left town without saying goodbye to any of her friends:
  • Blomkvist; her friend Mimmi; her friends from the old rock band Evil Fingers; and Dragan Armansky, her boss at Milton security, where she does PI work.
  • She hadn't said goodbye to George Bland in Grenada either. She takes her friends for granted.
  • Still, she feels like things might be turning around for her now. Maybe because she's loaded and has nice breasts. She had lots of piercings, but now all that's left is one in the eyebrow.