Study Guide

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 7

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 7

Saturday, January 29 – Sunday, February 13

  • The blond giant drives out in the country to Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club (Svavelsjö MC) and meets with Carl-Magnus Lundin, president of the club. Lundin has a ponytail.
  • The blond giant sells methamphetamine to Lundin for Lundin and his gang to sell on the street.
  • The blond giant gives Lundin an envelope with personal information and a passport photo of Salander. He gives Lundin the address of Salander's old apartment.
  • He wants Lundin to kidnap Salander and bring her to a warehouse, where she will be killed.
  • Salander visits her old apartment. She doesn't want to live here, but she doesn't want to sell.
  • Mimmi's apartment is tiny. So, Salander offers the place to Mimmi. It will still be Salander's official residence, too, and her mail will come here. Mimmi will come check it out and decide.
  • Salander goes to the bank and withdraws the money her mother left her and donates it to a women's crisis center; this would have made her mother happy.
  • On Friday night, Erika Berger starts missing Blomkvist. She's figured out that he and Harriet are sleeping together, and she will tease them about it later.
  • She calls Blomkvist; he's free so she goes to his place and they make love.
  • The blond giant drives out to a cabin and meets…Nils Bjurman (!).
  • Mimmi agrees to Salander's proposal. She cleans and paints the apartment, while Salander looks on. Then they make love.