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Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

By Stieg Larsson

Mikael Blomkvist

Blomkvist's friends agree – the ace journalist and rockstar-famous author is "busy planning some sort of mischief, which he [is] famous for doing" (10.70) and is "up to […] funny business" (11.229). They are absolutely correct. Blomkvist spends this novel devoted to uncovering the corrupt plot against his friend Lisbeth Salander. To do this, much mischief is in order.

Though Salander doesn't always know it, Blomkvist is Salander's friend through and through. He hasn't give up on her, even though she cut him out of her life without warning or explanation in the previous novel. She thinks of him as "Kalle F***ing Blomkvist." Kalle Blomkvist is the name of author Astrid Lindgren's boy detective. (You can read all about this in our analysis of his character in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.) Although Salander won't admit it, we think the middle name she gives Blomkvist is a term of endearment.

Unlike Salander, Blomkvist doesn't undergo major changes in this novel. Mostly, he continues to be his awesome and determined self.

Blomkvist in Love?

Berger: "[Figuerola]'s in love with you."

Blomkvist: "I think I'm in love with her too." (29.103)

OK, maybe we stretch the truth just a little when we say Mikael "I'm not going to apologize for the way I've led my life" Blomkvist (23.26) doesn't go through any major changes in this book. He might, in fact, be in love with Monica Figuerola of the Constitutional Protection Unit of the Security Police. This isn't as simple as it might sound. Blomkvist, as you know, has never been a one-woman man before.

Currently he has two lovers apart from Figuerola. Harriet Vanger, who he meets in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a very part-time lover, but still an important part of his life. We suspect that Blomkvist and Harriet's relationship could turn platonic without any major strain. It doesn't appear that Salander and Blomkvist will be getting romantic again anytime soon (they are lovers in Tattoo), but Salander still finds Blomkvist "f***ing attractive" (Epilogue.256). So you never know. Larsson might have been planning something for the next book.

But then there's Erika Berger, probably the biggest possible complication for Blomkvist and Figuerola's love. As you know by now, Berger and Blomkvist have found each other irresistible for ages. Berger is fortunate enough to be married to a man who accepts her relationship with Blomkvist, but Blomkvist has never been so lucky.

Blomkvist's need to stay lovers with Berger broke up his marriage and threatens most of his serious relationships with women. Figuerola has already expressed doubts about being able to share Blomkvist. So, the questions are: Will Figuerola be able to accept Blomkvist as he is? Or, will Blomkvist be able to give up his sexual relationship with Berger in order to be with Figuerola? Since, there are no more books, we can speculate to our hearts' content. What do you think Larsson was planning?

For more on Blomkvist, be sure to check out our thoughts on him in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire.

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