Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Technology and Modernization

By Stieg Larsson

Technology and Modernization

I'm dealing with pros here, obviously. People who could bug an apartment as easily as get into one without breaking a lock. (7.644)

Blomkvist is dealing with guys who used to be pros, but now are delusional guys, mostly in their seventies, trying to cover up the crimes they've been committing in the name of law and justice.

"This is the most important weapon Lisbeth has in her arsenal – she has to have it." (11.293)

Computer and Internet technology keeps Salander from being isolated, and also uncovers Teleborian's violent sexual crimes involving children.

The software scanned every report and reacted to 310 keywords – n*****, for example, or skinhead, swastika, immigrant, anarchist, Hitler salute, Nazi, […] traitor, Jew-lover, or n*****-lover. If such a keyword cropped up, the report would be printed out and scrutinized. (12.39)

Computer and Internet technology is also important to Figuerola and Edklinth's work in the Constitutional Protection Unit, which addresses hate crimes.

After a period of computer celibacy, she was suffering from massive cyber-abstinence. (13.119)

Blomkvist and those he persuades to help him are responsible for this little moment of technological bliss.

Surfing on a Palm hand-held with a tiny screen and a stylus was not the same thing as surfing on a PowerBook with a 17 inch screen. But she was connected. From her bed at Sahlgrenska she could now reach the entire world. (13.130)

Having this connection, turns Salander's hospital room from a prison to a place to recover comfortably while building her defense.

Wait. This is an attack against a citizen of Hacker Republic. How are we going to respond?

Nuclear attack on Stockholm? SixOfOne wrote.

No, that would be overdoing it a bit. Wasp wrote. (13.161-163)

According to Salander's thoughts, the hackers could do lots of bad stuff, but it probably won't involve hurting innocent people. So, the nuclear attack is probably a joke.

The citizens of the Hacker Republic did not generally spread computer viruses. […] they were hackers […], implacable adversaries of those idiots who created viruses […] to sabotage the Net and crash computers. The citizens were information junkies and wanted a functioning Internet they could hack. (13.168)

The trilogy wants us to distinguish between different types of hackers. The ones in the Hacker Republic are mostly concerned with social justice.

She herself had accepted Rosin's proposal for several new doors, engineers, backup alarm systems, and everything else without blinking. The cost of all that work would be almost 50,000 kronor. (18.352)

State-of-the-art security technology is available. But, it's gonna cost you.

I told him to run the story in SMP tomorrow. Your byline. And you'll be paid of course. In fact, you can name your price. (22.96)

Berger uses SMP's printing technology to make public her bosses crimes, in his own newspaper. He really shouldn't have called her a "media whore."

"Peter Teleborian, you are under arrest for violation of the child pornography laws. (27.434)

Isn't it ironic that Teleborian can't even imagine that Salander is a world-class hacker? If he could, he might have thought twice about keeping a collection of violent child pornography on his computer.

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