Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 10

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 10

Saturday, May 7 - Thursday, May 12

  • Blomkvist continues writing his book about Salander, Zalachenko and the Section (though he doesn't yet know it's the Section). He plans to publish it during Salander's trial. Millennium also plans to publish Dag Svensson's book about sex trafficking during Salander's trial.
  • (Dag Svensson and Mia Johansson were murdered by Niedermann in The Girl Who Played With Fire because they were uncovering Zalachenko's sex and drug trade operations. Salander is accused of their murder.)
  • Blomkvist needs to talk to Salander before he publishes anything about her.
  • He uses his connections to hire a man named Idris Ghidi who works at Salander's hospital.
  • At SMP Berger threatens Holm, the news editor. If he doesn't start cooperating with her, she will demote him severely.
  • She also tells Johannes Frisk, a young reporter, that the recent story he wrote about Salander being suspected of selling steroids is unacceptable. She explains that because Salander is constantly a victim of the media, all Salander stories have to go through her from now on.
  • Frisk comes to understand that stories like the one he wrote about Salander are "part of a continuing campaign against" Salander (10.200).
  • Berger assigns Frisk to research the truth in all the news articles written by Salander

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