Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 11

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 11

Friday, May 13 - Saturday, May 14

  • Blomkvist drives to Göteborg and hires Idris Ghidi, a janitor at the Salander's hospital, to do something for him.
  • Nyström, of the Section, visits Ekström, who is prosecuting Salander in Stockholm.
  • Nyström convinces Ekström (who already doesn't like Salander) that it's important to the security of Sweden that Zalachenko remain a secret.
  • Nyström convinces Ekström that nothing wrong has been done to Salander. She really is insane and she's dangerous to herself and others. The police report Blomkvist has is a forgery, altered to make it look like something bad is going on. Salander needs to be locked away.
  • At the Millennium offices, reporter Henry Cortez discovers that a Swedish construction-supply company is knowingly using toilets made by child laborers in sweat shops.
  • Ekström removes Bublanski, Modig, and Andersson from Salander's case (since they're Salander supporter) and assigns Hans Faste (a Salander hater), just like the Section told him to do.
  • Bublanski says all copies of the Björk report now seem to be gone.
  • Modig tells Bublanski that she has a copy of the original report and she'll go to the press with it if it looks like Salander is getting screwed over again.
  • At the hospital, Idris Ghidi puts a cell phone in a vent in the wall next to Salander's room. He'll change the batteries every day until Blomkvist tells him to stop.
  • Blomkvist meets up with Dr. Jonasson, tells him Salander's story, warns him how evil Teleborian is, and convinces the doctor to smuggle Salander her Palm Tungsten T3.
  • Meanwhile Armansky and Bublanski meet to plan ways to help Salander.

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