Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 13

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 13

Tuesday, May 17

  • After 10pm Dr. Jonasson comes to Salander's room. He examines her and then says he wants to ask her something personal. He wants to know what she thinks of Teleborian, who has been trying like crazy to see her.
  • He tells Salander that the prosecutor wants to move her to jail as soon as she's better, and that Teleborian will then have access to her. He proposes they slow Salander's recovery just a tad.
  • When Jonasson leaves, Salander finds a present on her pillow: her Palm Tungsten T3!
  • She turns it on and finds a letter from Blomkvist, telling her that a group of friends are working to save her. Next, she tries to go online and realizes she has an Internet connection! Woohoo!
  • She logs into Hacker Republic, an elite international hacker group, using her identity as Wasp. She and the hackers begin plotting.
  • Next, she reads more correspondence from Blomkvist. She learns she's being charged with assault and attempted murder against Zalachenko, and assault against Carl-Magnus Lundin (member of Svavelsjö MC), who she injured when he tried to kidnap her.
  • Blomkvist explains that they must show that Salander was illegally institutionalized and not insane. They must find evidence showing that Teleborian is in cahoots with Ekström.
  • Salander will have to tell parts of her life story publically, even parts she might consider very private. She also needs to let Blomkvist do some work on her public image, and he wants her permission.

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