Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 14

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 14

Wednesday, May 18

  • Salander complains of bad headaches throughout the day, vomits several times, and develops a fever. Dr. Jonasson notices some irregularities on her brain scan. (All part of the plan to slow her recovery, of course.)
  • Figuerola follows Mårtensson, the gray Volvo guy, to Blomkvist's apartment.
  • Blomkvist comes out of his apartment. Figuerola watches him pretend not to notice he's being watched. He notices her and she pretends to read a map.
  • Separately, Blomkvist and Figuerola watch Mårtensson and a guy in overalls enter Blomkvist's building.
  • Blomkvist runs Figuerola's license plates and starts investigating her.
  • Back at SMP Berger continues fighting with the board for her ideas to save the company, which include salary cuts for management, a profit freeze for board members, and better staffing of the newsroom.
  • Meanwhile, Figuerola takes picture of Mårtensson and overalls-guy as he comes out of Blomkvist's apartment. She sees a woman taking pictures of Mårtensson and overalls-guy, who she soon identifies as Lars Faulsson, locksmith. She follows the woman to Milton Security.
  • At the Millennium offices, Cortez reveals a problem with his exposé on the company that uses child labor to make toilets – the company's chairman is also CEO of SMP, Berger's new boss.
  • A woman in the SMP newsroom gets an email, supposedly from Berger, saying she wants to have sex with her. Berger emails everybody at SMP warning them of fake emails coming from her address.
  • Figuerola identifies the woman spying on the guys spying on Blomkvist as Suzanne Linder, employee of Milton Security.
  • Blomkvist breaks the bad news to Berger about her boss, and gives her a copy of Cortez's story.
  • She gets upset and leaves Blomkvist holding the bill at dinner. But then she comes back and they get a hotel together.
  • Of course, somebody watches them go into the hotel room together.

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