Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 16

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 16

Friday, May 27 - Tuesday, May 31

  • Blomkvist very sneakily goes to Salander's very expensive 21-room apartment (bought with money stolen from corrupt financier Hans-Erik Wennerström in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). Now that he knows he's being spied on, he's doesn't feel too comfortable at his own apartment.
  • He pings Salander, and she directs him to documents Plague hacked from Ekström's computer.
  • Blomkvist learns Ekström is being led by Säpo and is trying to have Salander committed to a psychiatric hospital.
  • Plague pings Salander and directs her to material hacked from Teleborian's computer.
  • She finds "9,000 photographs of explicit child pornography" (16.66). She finds evidence that Teleborian is part of a web of people who trade and share child porn.
  • Teleborian never physically touched Salander, but she'd always been sure he was sexually attracted to children.
  • Salander had tried to erase his memory from her life, but now she feels she "should have dealt with him years ago" (16.71).
  • She pings Blomkvist. He goes to sleep in the wee hours of the morning after looking at the material from Teleborian's computer.
  • From Modig, Blomkvist learns that Evert Gullberg, Fredrik Clinton, and Hans Von Rottinger are members of a secret organization inside Säpo.
  • Blomkvist calls them "the Zalachenko club" (16.202). (Readers already know it's really called "the Section.")
  • At SMP, Berger gets more threatening, sexual emails and realizes she has "a cyber-stalker on her hands" (16.211).
  • Meanwhile, Salander's team of hacker friends painstakingly tap Prosecutor Ekström's phone.
  • Edklinth and Figuerola begin to break through Gullberg's deep cover and discover he was Säpo.

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